About Us

Inishstorm is a small hobby kennel situated in the beautiful countryside of County Down, Northern Ireland.  We are not a commercial breeder and therefore only breed occasionally, when we feel that there is an opportunity to improve upon what we have.  We show our Italian Spinoni, but first and foremost they are working dogs.  The Italian Spinone is primarily a working dog and this is an important factor to take into consideration when considering breeding.  The working ability of our Spinoni speaks for itself, 4 Full Irish Champions,  and more youngsters that are work's in progress. They regularly take part in Field Trials in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Fit for Function with the ability to do a full day's work and yet compete in the show world too.

At Inishstorm we put the health and welfare of our dogs as of paramount importance and have embraced the new genetic test now made available by Cornell University in USA.  The Embark test goes right to the genetic makeup of each individual dog and with the new knowledge that some dogs within the breed are now being tested as Carriers for Von Willebrands, we are certainly glad to be amongst only a handful of UK kennels who have embraced this ground breaking testing.  It was a simple choice for us; to be of the mind-set that knowledge is power, rather than hide behind ignorance!  All of our dogs that are likely to be included in any future breeding programme have undergone this testing already.  As we have confirmed, we are one of only a handful of UK kennels in the breed to have participated in this new genetic test!!



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